ipCam FC iPhone App

ipCam FC (Full Control) for iPhone

With ipCam FC you can control your IP cameras on the iPhone or make settings. Take access to your cameras over your home network or over the internet. So you can easily check up your cameras or use them as baby monitors. All functions and controls are integrated in a intuitive and visually attractive interface.

ipCam FC support more than 1700 camera models from over 90 manufactuers / brands.

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Video ipCam FC for iPhone

Features (please note: not all functions are supported for each camera)

  • Real-time video stream
  • iPhone and iPad Version
  • supports http:// and secure https:// connections
  • AirPlay support over Apple TV, VGA or digital AV (HDMI) adapter, watch your cameras videostream in TV or monitor (infos about AirPlay installation)
  • Control your cameras over 8 axes
  • Preset camera positions, load and save up to 16 presets
  • Setting the speed for manual or automatic control (Pan-Tilt Speed)
  • Auto patrol settings (horizontal, vertical, hor + ver), setup the interval and rounds of each interval
  • manual patrol
  • Pause, pausing the current video image
  • setup motion detection (internal, external): automatic email delivery, email management, setting the internal motion sensitivity, optical and acoustic alarm, activate FTP upload with setting the upload interval
  • option for automatic driving to a preset on alarm (only for standard MJPEG IP cameras)
  • option for automatic saving of images on alarm (only for standard MJPEG IP cameras)
  • Schedule can be set (for standard MJPEG IP cameras)
  • optical zoom (only for compatible cameras), digital zoom (pinch to zoom) also for cameras without a optical zoom function
  • turn the iPhone for fullscreen mode, with fully control ability
  • OSD menu turn on or off
  • save photos of the current video
  • send snapshots to iphone camera roll or via email
  • setup resolution, frames per second (fps), brightness and contrast
  • mirror videoimage horizontally or vertically, for cameras hang headover
  • MultiView, watch 4 or 8 cameras simultaneously (4 = landscape, 8 = portrait), by scrolling you can see up to 96 cameras, tab on the camera to switch to control mode
  • sort the camera list and multiview
  • enable / disable cameras in multiview
  • alarm on motion detection in MultiView
  • switch on and off the LED for network activity or IR LEDs (if supported)
  • access logs
  • Import/Export, backup over iTunes File Sharing
  • PIN code (password)
  • data usage for each camera, traffic overall and last session, display data rate per second
  • Add MJPEG or JPEG Stream (also webcams are supported)
  • multilanguage, currently english and german, further languages coming
  • requires iOS 4.3 or later, tested on iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5
  • Support the retina display fully on iPhone 4 and higher


Supported camera

Generally, all cameras are supported, which are identical in construction to the below cameras (or have the same firmware and or webinterface):

I have personally tested:

7Links NX-4207 (IPC-750.FHD), NX-4275 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4275-919 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4275-944 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4284-944 (IPC-380), NX-4336 (IPC-280.HD), NX-4341 (IPC-720.HD), PX-3614 (IPC-710IR), PX-3615, PX-3671, PX-3675 (IPC-720.HD), PX-3677, PX-3688 (IPC-430.WiFi), PX-3690 (IPC-631.HD), PX-3719 (IPC-770HD), PX-3720 (IPC-760HD), PX-3722 (IPC-765.VGA), PX-3723 (IPC-755VGA), PX-3737 (IPC-770HD), PX-3744 (IPC-440.HD), PX-3755 (IPC-240.HD), PX-3760 (IPC-260.HD), PX-3761 (IPC-340.HD), PX-3762 (IPC-260.HD), PX-3775 (IPC-780.HD), PX-3786 (IPC-730.HD), Robocam II (PX-1069), Robocam III (PX-1179), Robocam IV (PX-1279),
ABUS TV7203, TV7204, TV7220, TV7221, TV7222, TV7223, TV7230, TV7240, TVIP10000, TVIP10001, TVIP10050, TVIP10051, TVIP10500, TVIP10550, TVIP11000, TVIP11050, TVIP11500, TVIP11501, TVIP11502, TVIP11550, TVIP11551, TVIP11552, TVIP20000, TVIP20050, TVIP20500, TVIP20550, TVIP21501, TVIP21551, TVIP21552, TVIP22500, TVIP31001, TVIP31050, TVIP31501, TVIP31551, TVIP32500, TVIP41550, TVIP51550, TVIP52502, TVIP60550, TVIP61500, TVIP61550, TVIP62500, TVIP70000, TVIP71501, TVIP71551, TVIP72000, TVIP72500,
Agasio A501W, A502W, A503W, A512-POE, A522W, A602W, A603W, A612-POE, A621W, A622W, M105I,
AirLink101 SkyIPCam 1500Wv2, SkyIPCam 1747W, SkyIPCam 1777W, SkyIPCam 500W,
ALLNET ALL2212, ALL2213, ALL2250, ALL2272, ALL2281, ALL2282, ALL2290, ALL2292, ALL2297,
AMCREST IP2M-841B, IP2M-841EB, IP2M-841EW, IP2M-841S, IP2M-841W, IP2M-842B, IP2M-842EB, IP2M-842EW, IP2M-842W, IP2M-844EB, IP2M-844EW, IP2M-848EB, IP3M-941B, IP3M-941W, IP3M-943B, IP3M-943S, IP3M-943W, IP3M-954EB, IP3M-954EW, IP3M-956B, IP3M-956EB, IP3M-956EW, IP3M-956W, IP4M-1025EB, IP4M-1025EW, IPM-721B, IPM-721ES, IPM-721S, IPM-721W, IPM-722S, IPM-723B, IPM-723S, IPM-723W, IPM-743ES, IPM-751B, IPM-751W,
amegia AM1200, AM1202, AM1203, AM4210, AM5211, AM6211, AM6231,
Apexis APM-H0410, APM-H401-WS, APM-H501-MPC-WS, APM-H501-WS, APM-H502-WS, APM-H602-WS-IR, APM-H604-WS-IR, APM-H605-MPC-WS, APM-H606-WS-IR, APM-H607-MPC-WS-IRC, APM-H701-IR, APM-H701-MPC-IR, APM-H702, APM-H803-MPC-WS, APM-H803-WS, APM-H804-WS, APM-H901-Z-WS, APM-HP602-MPC-WS, APM-HP803-MPC-WP, APM-HP803-MPC-WS, APM-HP807-MPC-WS, APM-HP905Z-MPC-WS, APM-J011-POE, APM-J011-WS-IR, APM-J011-WS-IRC, APM-J0111-WS, APM-J0118-WS, APM-J012-L-WS, APM-J012-WS-IR, APM-J0233-IR-WS, APM-J0233-POE, APM-J0233-WS-IR, APM-J0233-WS-IRC, APM-J403-WS, APM-J601-WS-IR, APM-J602-WS-IR, APM-J602-WS-IRC, APM-J603-Z-WS-IR, APM-J802-WS-IR, APM-J803-WS, APM-J803-Z-WS, APM-J805-WS, APM-J8115-WS, APM-J901-Z, APM-J901-Z-WS, APM-J902-Z-WS, APM-J903-Z-IR, APM-JP4035-WS, APM-JP4045-WS, APM-JP6235-WS, APM-JP8015-WS, APM-JP8035-WS, APM-JP9015-WS,
Asoni AM4xx Series,
Astak Mole,
AVTECH AVC489, AVC694, AVI211, AVI212, AVK016, AVK018, AVK544, AVK584, AVM301, AVM302A, AVM302B, AVM311, AVM328B, AVM328D, AVM332, AVM357A, AVM357B, AVM358C, AVM359A, AVM365, AVM365A, AVM400B, AVM401, AVM402, AVM403, AVM411, AVM417A, AVM428D, AVM457A, AVM458C, AVM459B, AVM459C, AVM500, AVM500A, AVM503, AVM511, AVM515, AVM521-CEIL, AVM521A, AVM526, AVM532F, AVM542A, AVM542B, AVM542F, AVM552B, AVM552C, AVM552F, AVM557A, AVM561, AVM561E, AVM565A, AVM571, AVM571F, AVM583, AVN211, AVN212, AVN222, AVN244, AVN244A, AVN252, AVN263, AVN284, AVN305A, AVN312, AVN320, AVN320LA, AVN362, AVN420, AVN701EZ, AVN803EZ, AVN807A, AVN808, AVN80X, AVN815EZ, AVN90X, AVP321, AVP322, AVP325, AVP511, AVP521A, AVP542B, AVP552B, AVP571,
AXIS 206, 206W, 207, 207MW, 207W, 209FD, 209FD-R, 209FD-R M12, 209MFD, 209MFD-R, 209MFD-R M12, 210, 211, 213 PTZ, 2130 PTZ, 215 PTZ, 215 PTZ-E, 233D, M1004-W, M1011, M1011-W, M1013, M1014, M1031-W, M1033-W, M1034-W, M1054, M1103, M1104, M1113, M1113-E, M1114, M1114-E, M1143-L, M1144-L, M3004-V, M3005-V, M3006-V, M3007-P, M3007-PV, M3011, M3014, M5013, M5013-V, M5014, M5014-V, P3301, P3301-V, P3304, P3304-V, P3343, P3344, P3346, P3346-V, P3346-VE, P3353, P3354, P3363-V, P3363-VE, P3364-LV, P3364-LVE, P3364-V, P3364-VE, P3367-V, P3367-VE, P3384-V, P3384-VE,
Bitron Video B-Focus, B-Focus Vari, B-Focus Varidome, Eggy,
Cantonk IPDE20F300, IPDE20H1200, IPDE20H600, KHJHL200, KHKHL200, KIP-130RT45H, KIP-200PT40, KIP-200SHR30N, KIP-200SHR30N, KIP-200W25N, KIP-300HV20A, PT10GH20XH500, PT10GH22XH200, PT10GH36XH200, PT4AH10XH200, PT4AH10XH500, PT4EM10XH200, PT4KM10XH200, PT4KM10XH500, PT5AM22XH200, PT5AM36XH200, PT7AM20XH500, PT7AM22XH200, PT7BH22XH200, PT7BH36XH200, PT7BM22XH200, PT7FH20XH500, PT7FH22XH200, PTBK10XH500, PTBK10XHTC200NS, PTBK5XH400, PTBKHTC2005XES, PTDK10XH200, PTDK10XH500, PTDK10XHTC200NS, PTDK5XH200, PTDK5XH500, PTDKHTC2004XNS,
CISCO PVC2300, PVC300, WVC200, WVC210, WVC2300, WVC54GCA,
Ctronics CTIPC-224C1080PWS, CTIPC-224C720PWS, CTIPC-225CDS720PA, CTIPC-245C1080PWS, CTIPC-245C720PWS, CTIPC-246CWS720PAN, CTIPC-256C1080PWS, CTIPC-258C1080PWS, CTIPC-260CWS1080PS, CTIPC-537C1080POEZ, CTIPC-631C1080P, CTIPC-631C720P, CTIPC-631C960P, CTIPCW-123C1080W,
D-LINK DCS-1100, DCS-2100+, DCS-2100G, DCS-2120, DCS-2121, DCS-2130, DCS-2210, DCS-2230, DCS-2332L, DCS-5009L, DCS-5010L, DCS-5020L, DCS-5222L, DCS-5230L, DCS-5300G, DCS-5605, DCS-5635, DCS-6620, DCS-930L, DCS-932L, DCS-933L, DCS-942L,
dahua IPC-HFW4431R-Z, IPC-HFW4431R-Z,
DBPower C-Series, C100E, C200E, C754 HD, C754E, CAM0085, CAM0086, CAM0091, CAM0776, CAM0878, HD011P, HD012P, HD013P, HD014P, HD024P, IPC-810, IPC-911, IPS-911, VA033K, VA033K+, VA035K, VA036K, VA038K, VA039K, VA060K,
Dericam B1, B1, H218W, H501W, H502W, H601W, H602C, H602C-TM, M202W, M203W, M204W, M205W, M501W, M502W, M601W, M801W, S1, S2,
DIDseth 360 Panorama 1080P WLAN, 360 VR Camera, DID-N26V,
digicom IP Camera 100W, IP Camera 300HD, IP Camera 400HD,
DIGITUS DN-16023, DN-16024, DN-16025, DN-16026, DN-16027, DN-16029, DN-16033, DN-16034, DN-16035, DN-16036, DN-16037, DN-16049, DN-16053, DN-16053-1, DN-16054, DN-16054-1, DN-16055-1, DN-16055-2, DN-16058, DN-16058-1, DN-16059-1, DN-16060, DN-16060-1, DN-16061, DN-16061-1, DN-16062, DN-16063, DN-16063-1, DN-16065, DN-16065-1, DN-16080, DN-16081-1, DN-16082, DN-16082-1, DN-16086, DN-16087,
dnt CamDoo Fix, CamDoo Move,
EasyN F-181A, F-M105, F-M106, F-M10R, F-M161, F-M166, F-M1BF, F2-M137, F2-M176, FS-608A-M091, FS-613A-M136, H3-V10R, H7-157V, HS-691B-M186I,
Ebest 360 VR Camera, IPC-F80,
Edimax IC-1500, IC-1500Wg, IC-1510, IC-3005, IC-3005Wn, IC-3010, IC-3015Wn, IC-3020, IC-3030, IC-3030i, IC-3030iPoE, IC-3030iWn, IC-3030PoE, IC-3030Wn, IC-3100, IC-3100P, IC-3100W, IC-3110, IC-3110P, IC-3110W, IC-3115W, IC-5010, IC-5020, IC-7000PoE, IC-7000PT, IC-7000PTn, IC-7001W, IC-7010PoE, IC-7010PT, IC-7010PTn, IC-7100, IC-7100P, IC-7100W, IC-7110, IC-7110P, IC-7110W, IC-7712W, IC-9000, IR-112E, IR-113E, IR-123E, MD-111E, ND-233E, PT-111E, PT-112E, PT-31E, PT-31W,
EDSSZ EDS-VR960P, VR 360 Grad 960P,
ELRO C703IP, C704IP, C704IP.2, C803IP, C903IP, C904IP, C904IP.2,
Esky C5700, C5900,
Eternal eye Mini Spy Camera, RLT-WDW80,
Floureon BT-HD345F, BT-HD50F, BT-HD51F, BT-HD54F, BT-HD54F-523HS, BT-HD616, BT-HD7603, BT-HD90F, BT-SD27W, BT-SD37W, DM523HS, E6812, IPD-E24Y02-BS, N5810HH-E, NIP-016SY, PTZ Dome 10X Zoom, PTZ Dome 18X Zoom, PTZ Dome 30X Zoom, PTZ Dome 4X Zoom, SD27W, SD37W, SP007, SP011, SP012, SP017, SP018, SP019,
Foscam C1, C1Lite, C2, FI8602W, FI8608W, FI8620W, FI8901W, FI8902W, FI8903W, FI8904W, FI8905W, FI8906W, FI8907W, FI8908W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918E, FI8918W, FI8919WZ, FI9801W, FI9802W, FI9803EP, FI9803P, FI9804P, FI9804W, FI9805E, FI9805W, FI9815P, FI9815P, FI9816P, FI9818W, FI9820W H.264, FI9821EP, FI9821P, FI9821W, FI9826W, FI9828W, FI9831W, FI9851P, FI9853EP, FI9900P, FI9903P, FI9928P, FI9961EP, FosBaby, FosBaby P1, R2,
FreeTec PX-8319,
Grandstream GXV3500, GXV3501, GXV3504, GXV3600, GXV3601, GXV3601HD, GXV3601LL, GXV3610FHD, GXV3610HD, GXV3611HD, GXV3611IRHD, GXV3611LL, GXV3612, GXV3615, GXV3615W, GXV3615WPHD, GXV3651FHD, GXV3651HD, GXV3662FHD, GXV3662HD, GXV3672FHD, GXV3672FHD36, GXV3672HD, GXV3672HD36, GXV3674FHDVF, GXV3674HDVF,
GuDoQi 360 VR Camera, CE0223B,
hama 53101, 53103, 53157, M360, Outdoor 54 Mbps,
Hi3507 Hi3507,
HIKVISION DS-2AE4215T-A, DS-2AE4215T-A3, DS-2AE4215T-A3C, DS-2AE4215T-AC, DS-2AE4215T-D, DS-2AE4215T-D3, DS-2AE4215T-D3C, DS-2AE4215T-DC, DS-2AE4225T-A, DS-2AE4225T-A3, DS-2AE4225T-A3C, DS-2AE4225T-AC, DS-2AE4225T-D, DS-2AE4225T-D3, DS-2AE4225T-D3C, DS-2AE4225T-DC, DS-2AE5225T-A, DS-2AE5225T-A3, DS-2AE5225T-A3C, DS-2AE5225T-AC, DS-2AE5230T-A, DS-2AE5232T-A, DS-2AE5232T-A3, DS-2AE5232T-A3C, DS-2AE5232T-AC, DS-2CD2023G0-I, DS-2CD2025FHWD-I, DS-2CD2025FWD-I, DS-2CD2035FWD-I, DS-2CD2043G0-I, DS-2CD2055FWD-I, DS-2CD2063G0-I, DS-2CD2083G0-I, DS-2CD2085FWD-I, DS-2CD2123G0-I, DS-2CD2125FHWD-I, DS-2CD2125FWD-I, DS-2CD2135FWD-I, DS-2CD2143G0-I, DS-2CD2155FWD-I, DS-2CD2163G0-I, DS-2CD2183G0-I, DS-2CD2185FWD-I, DS-2CD2323G0-I, DS-2CD2325FHWD-I, DS-2CD2325FWD-I, DS-2CD2335FWD-I, DS-2CD2343G0-I, DS-2CD2355FWD-I, DS-2CD2363G0-I, DS-2CD2383G0-I, DS-2CD2385FWD-I, DS-2CD2423G0-I, DS-2CD2425FWD-I, DS-2CD2435FWD-I, DS-2CD2443G0-I, DS-2CD2455FWD-I, DS-2CD2463G0-I, DS-2CD2523G0-I, DS-2CD2525FHWD-I, DS-2CD2525FWD-I, DS-2CD2543G0-I, DS-2CD2555FWD-I, DS-2CD2563G0-I, DS-2CD2623G0-IZS, DS-2CD2625FHWD-IZS, DS-2CD2625FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2643G0-IZS, DS-2CD2663G0-IZS, DS-2CD2683G0-IZS, DS-2CD2685FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2723G0-IZS, DS-2CD2725FHWD-IZS, DS-2CD2725FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2735FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2743G0-IZS, DS-2CD2755FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2763G0-IZS, DS-2CD2783G0-IZS, DS-2CD2785FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2935FWD-I, DS-2CD2955FWD-I, DS-2CD2H23G0-IZS, DS-2CD2H25FHWD-IZS, DS-2CD2H25FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2H35FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2H43G0-IZS, DS-2CD2H55FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2H63G0-IZS, DS-2CD2H83G0-IZS, DS-2CD2H85FWD-IZS, DS-2CD2T23G0-I5, DS-2CD2T23G0-I8, DS-2CD2T25FHWD-I5, DS-2CD2T25FHWD-I8, DS-2CD2T25FWD-I5, DS-2CD2T25FWD-I8, DS-2CD2T35FWD-I5, DS-2CD2T35FWD-I8, DS-2CD2T43G0-I5, DS-2CD2T43G0-I8, DS-2CD2T55FWD-I5, DS-2CD2T55FWD-I8, DS-2CD2T63G0-I5, DS-2CD2T63G0-I8, DS-2CD2T83G0-I5, DS-2CD2T83G0-I8, DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5, DS-2CD2T85FWD-I8, DS-2CD7133-E, DS-2CD7153-E, DS-2CV2Q01FD-IW, DS-2CV2Q21FD-IW, DS-2CV2U01FD-IW, DS-2CV2U21FD-IW, DS-2DE2204IW-DE3, DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3, DS-2DE4215IW-DE, DS-2DE4225IW-DE, DS-2DE4415IW-DE, DS-2DE4425IW-DE, DS-2DE4A204IW-DE, DS-2DE4A215IW-DE, DS-2DE4A225IW-DE, DS-2DE4A320IW-DE, DS-2DE4A404IW-DE, DS-2DE4A425IW-DE, DS-2DE5225IW, DS-2DE5225IW-AE, DS-2DE5232IW-AE, DS-2DE5425IW-AE, DS-2DE7225IW, DS-2DE7225IW-AE, DS-2DE7230IW-AE, DS-2DE7232IW, DS-2DE7232IW-AE, DS-2DE7320IW-AE, DS-2DE7330IW-AE, DS-2DE7425IW-AE, DS-2DE7520IW-AE, DS-2DE7530IW-AE, DS-2DF6A425X-AEL, DS-2DF6A436X-AEL, DS-2DF6A825X-AEL, DS-2DF6A836X-AEL, DS-2DF7225IX-AEL, DS-2DF7232IX-AEL, DS-2DF8223I-AEL, DS-2DF8225IH-AEL, DS-2DF8225IX-AEL, DS-2DF8236I-AEL, DS-2DF8236I5X-AEL, DS-2DF8236IX-AEL, DS-2DF8250I5X-AEL, DS-2DF8250I8X-AEL, DS-2DF8825IX-AEL, DS-2DF8836I5X-AEL, DS-2DF8836IX-AEL, DS-2DY3220IW-DE, DS-2DY3220IW-DE4, DS-2DY3320IW-DE, DS-2DY3320IW-DE4, DS-2DY5223IW-AE, DS-2DY5223IW-DM, DS-2DY7236IW-A, DS-2DY7236W-A, DS-2DY9185-A, DS-2DY9187-AI8, DS-2DY9188-A,
HooToo HT-IP006, HT-IP006N, HT-IP009HDP, HT-IP206, HT-IP207F, HT-IP209, HT-IP210F, HT-IP210HD, HT-IP210HDP, HT-IP212, HT-IP212F, HT-IP306,
Ideanext C2103,
INSTAR IN-2901, IN-2904, IN-2905, IN-2905 PoE, IN-2907, IN-2908, IN-3001, IN-3003, IN-3005, IN-3010, IN-3010 PoE, IN-3011, IN-4009, IN-4010, IN-4011, IN-5905, IN-6001, IN-6011, IN-6012, IN-6012, IN-6014, IN-7011, IN-8015,
Intellinet NSC18-WN,
INVID MK19IR, MK21, MK21W, MK22IR, MK23IR, MK24IR, MK279IR, MK36, MK39, MK39W, MK41, MK41W, MK79IR, VK79IR, VK79IR-50, VKS87,
IPS IPSmart IPS-1011, IPS-1012, IPS-1024V, IPS-1031, IPS-511, IPS-511S, IPS-512, IPS-512V, IPS-512VW, IPS-513V, IPS-515A, IPS-515B, IPS-515C, IPS-521R, IPS-521S, IPS-521U, IPS-522V, IPS-523, IPS-524V, IPS-525, IPS-531, IPS-611SW, IPS-711, IPS-711S, IPS-712V, IPS-712VW, IPS-713V, IPS-721A, IPS-721R, IPS-721S, IPS-721U, IPS-722, IPS-722V, IPS-723, IPS-724V, IPS-725, IPS-731, IPS-911, IPS-911S, IPS-912, IPS-912V, IPS-912VW, IPS-913V, IPS-921A, IPS-921B, IPS-921R, IPS-921S, IPS-921U, IPS-922, IPS-922V, IPS-923, IPS-924V, IPS-925, IPS-931, IPS-EA1811, IPS-EA1812, IPS-EA1821, IPS-EA1822, IPS-EA1824V, IPS-EO1311, IPS-EO1311M, IPS-EO1312, IPS-EO1312VW, IPS-EO1321, IPS-EO1322, IPS-EO1324V, IPS-EYE01W, IPS-EYE03W, IPS-EYE04, IPS-HA1311L, IPS-HA1312L, IPS-HA1312VW, IPS-HA1321L, IPS-HA1322L, IPS-HA1324V, IPS-HS1811L, IPS-HS1812L, IPS-HS1821L, IPS-HS1822L, IPS-HS1824V, IPS-Ki-B, IPS-Ki-BL, IPS-Ki-C, IPS-Ki-CL, IPS-Ki-D, IPS-Ki-E, IPS-Ki-EL,
iPUX ICS1033, ICS103A, ICS1330, ICS133A, ICS1720, ICS2030, ICS203A, ICS2230, ICS2330, ICS303C, ICS7120, ICS7220, ICS7221, ICS7222, ICS7521, ICS7522, ICS7552, ICS7621, ICS8220, ICS8221, ICS8624,
Jslai JS-MA09 Mini Spy Camera,
kingstar IP Camera, IP Camera Outdoor,
KKmoon 360 VR Camera, CZM7865081196341WQ, YXH5010695502773TX,
Leftek CC11-SC-I-236-POE, LC-C11-SC-I-200, LF-CA11-SC-I-HS-POE-223, MY-57S-UB-B-I-200-POE, MY-57S-UB-B-I-400-POE, MY-C61-PC-I-108, MY-CA11-SC-I-503-PoE, MY-CA61-NC-I-505, MY-CE11-SB-223,
LevelOne FCS-0010, FCS-0010 V1, FCS-0020, FCS-0030, FCS-0031, FCS-0040, FCS-1010, FCS-1020, FCS-1030, FCS-1040, FCS-1060, FCS-1070, FCS-1091, FCS-1101, FCS-3000, FCS-3031, FCS-3101, FCS-4101, FCS-6010, WCS-0010, WCS-0010 V1, WCS-0020, WCS-0030, WCS-0040, WCS-2010, WCS-2020, WCS-2030, WCS-2040, WCS-2060, WCS-2070,
Loftek Aegis, CSX 2200, CSX 3200, CXS 2100, HDX 2640, HDX 3210, HDX 3640, HDX 4640, Nexus 1600, Nexus 543, Sentinel-D1, Sentinel-D2, Sentinel-D3, Seraph, Spector, Spectre 1600, Spectre 533B, Spectre 533H,
LogiLink WC0001, WC0002, WC0002B, WC0004A, WC0006, WC0007, WC0008, WC0009, WC0010, WC0010a, WC0011, WC0012, WC0013, WC0014, WC0014C, WC0015, WC0016, WC0017, WC0018, WC0019, WC0020, WC0022, WC0030, WC0040, WC0041, WC0042,
Longse PT10G120S500, PT10G122S200, PT10G136S200, PT4A110HTC200NS, PT4A110S200, PT4A110S500, PT4E010HTC200NS, PT4E010S200, PT4K010HTC200NS, PT4K010S200, PT4K010S500, PT5A018HTC200NS, PT5A022S200, PT5A033HTC200NS, PT5A036S200, PT6A018HTC200NS, PT7A020S500, PT7A022S200, PT7B018HTC200NS, PT7B022S200, PT7B122S200, PT7B136S200, PT7C118HTC200NS, PT7E118HTC200NS, PT7E120S4500, PT7E122S200, PT7E133HTC200NS, PTBK5XS400, PTBK5XSL200, PTBKHTC2005XES, PTBKHTC200NS, PTBKS500, PTDK5XS200, PTDK5XS500, PTDKHTC2004XNS, PTDKHTC200NS, PTDKS200, PTDKS500,
LUPUS LE200, LE201, LE202, LE203, LE204, LE910, LE910NRS, LE923, LE923 PoE, LE924, LE930, LE931, LE932, LE932 PoE, LE933, LE934, LE934 PoE, LE936, LE936 PoE, LE940, LE950, LE950B, LE960, LE960B, LE965, LE966, LE967, LE968, LE969, LE970, LE971, LE980, LE981, LE982, LE990B,
Marmitek IP Eye Anywhere 10, IP Eye Anywhere 11, IP Eye Anywhere 241, IP Eye Anywhere 341, IP Eye Anywhere 470, IP RoboCam 10, IP RoboCam 11, IP RoboCam 541, IP RoboCam 641, RoboDome 10,
Masione 360 VR Camera, 3MP WiFi Panorama IP-Kamera,
Medion P86019 (MD 86970),
Mibao D100, D200,
MICROFIRE Mini Spy Camera,
Micronet SP5532SP, SP5532SW,
Opticam i2, i3, i4, O4, O7,
OwlCat B11W, B16W,
OWSOO 360 VR Camera, GSK6718432814452FH,
OYN-X 360 VR Camera, CAM-VR-35, CAM-VR-3J,
Panasonic BL-C1, BL-C10, BL-C101, BL-C111, BL-C121, BL-C131, BL-C140, BL-C160, BL-C20, BL-C30,
PHISON Mini Spy Camera,
QNAP ICS-1013,
Reolink C1 Pro, RLC-410, RLC-410S, RLC-410W, RLC-411WS, RLC-420, RLC-422, RLC-422W, RLC-423, RLC-423-POE, RLC-423WS, RLC-511, RLC-511W,
RS7507H RS7507H,
SavitMicro VIJE IP-1300, VIJE IP-300, VIJE IP-300PTW, VIJE IP-350W,
SIBO 360 VR Camera, SB-VR960P,
Somikon AC-640.wifi,
SONY SNC-CH110, SNC-CH120, SNC-CH140, SNC-CH160, SNC-CH180, SNC-CH210, SNC-CH220, SNC-CH240, SNC-CH260, SNC-CH280, SNC-CX600, SNC-CX600W, SNC-CX600W, SNC-DF40N, SNC-DF40P, SNC-DF70N, SNC-DF70P, SNC-DH110, SNC-DH110T, SNC-DH120, SNC-DH120T, SNC-DH140, SNC-DH140T, SNC-DH160, SNC-DH180, SNC-DH210, SNC-DH210T, SNC-DH220, SNC-DH220T, SNC-DH240, SNC-DH240T, SNC-DH260, SNC-DH280, SNC-EB520, SNC-EB600, SNC-EB600B, SNC-EB630, SNC-EB630B, SNC-EM520, SNC-EM521, SNC-EP521, SNC-EP550, SNC-EP580, SNC-ER521, SNC-ER550, SNC-ER580, SNC-ER585, SNC-P1, SNC-P5, SNC-RH124, SNC-RH164, SNC-RS44N, SNC-RS44P, SNC-RS46N, SNC-RS46P, SNC-RS84N, SNC-RS84P, SNC-RS86N, SNC-RS86P, SNC-RX530N, SNC-RX530P, SNC-RX550N, SNC-RX550P, SNC-RX570N, SNC-RX570P, SNC-RZ25N, SNC-RZ25P, SNC-RZ30N, SNC-RZ30P, SNC-RZ50N, SNC-RZ50P, SNC-VB600, SNC-VB600B, SNC-VB630, SNC-VB632D, SNC-Z20N, SNC-Z20P, SNC-ZB550, SNC-ZM550, SNC-ZM551, SNC-ZP550, SNC-ZR550,
Sricam AP001, AP002, AP003, AP004, AP004B, AP005, AP006, AP008, AP009, AP011, AP013, SP001, SP003, SP004, SP006, SP007, SP012, SP017, SP018, SP019,
Storage Options Indoor, Outdoor,
SV3C SV-B01POE-1080P, SV-B01POE-1080P, SV-B01POE-1080P-L, SV-B01POE-5MPL-T, SV-B01POE-5MPL-T, SV-B01W-1080P, SV-B01W-1080P, SV-B01W-1080P-HX, SV-B01W-960P, SV-B01W-960P, SV-B01W-960P-HX, SV-B06POE-1080P-A, SV-B06POE-4MP-A, SV-B06W-1080P-HX, SV-B06W-720P-HX, SV-B11V-1080P-POE, SV-B11VPOE-1080P, SV-B11VPOE-1080P, SV-B11VPOE-1080P-L, SV-D02POE-1080P-A, SV-D02POE-1080P-L, SV-D02POE-4MP-A, SV-D02POE-5MPL-A, SV-D02W-1080P-HX, SV-D02W-960P-HX, SV-SD5W-1080PS-HX,
Sygonix 43171S, 43176A, 43176S, 43176W, 43176Y, 43199R, 43546A, 43558A, 43588A,
Technaxx TX-60, TX-62, TX-65, TX-66, TX-67,
Telekom Magenta SmartHome Bitron Video aussen, Bitron Video innen,
TENVIS IP391W, IP601W, IP602W, ipRobot2, ipRobot3, ipRobot3 P2P, JPT3815W, JPT3815W2013, Mini318W, Mini319W, PT7131W, PT7132W, TH661, TH671, TH692, TR3818,
TODAYI HC005 Mini Spy Camera,
TP-LINK TL-SC3130, TL-SC3130G, TL-SC3171, TL-SC3171G, TL-SC3430, TL-SC3430N, TL-SC4171G,
Trek Ai-Ball,
TRENDnet TV-IP121, TV-IP212, TV-IP252, TV-IP311PI, TV-IP312, TV-IP314PI, TV-IP315PI, TV-IP316PI, TV-IP317PI, TV-IP318PI, TV-IP319PI, TV-IP320PI, TV-IP321PI, TV-IP322WI, TV-IP340PI, TV-IP341PI, TV-IP342PI, TV-IP344PI, TV-IP345PI, TV-IP410, TV-IP420P, TV-IP422, TV-IP430PI, TV-IP440PI, TV-IP450P, TV-IP450PI, TV-IP651W, TV-IP651WI, TV-IP672P, TV-IP672PI, TV-IP672W, TV-IP672WI,
TriVision NC-106W, NC-107W, NC-107WF, NC-108W, NC-108WF, NC-306P, NC-306PW, NC-306W,
upcam Cyclone HD, Hurricane HD PRO, Typhoon HD, Typhoon HD V2,
Vivotek FD8161, FD8166A-N, IP7133, IP7134, IP7135, IP7137, IP7361, IP8361, IP8371E, IP8372, PT8133, PT8133W, PZ7112, PZ7122, PZ7131, PZ7132, PZ7151, PZ7152, PZ8111, PZ8111W, PZ8121, PZ8121W, SD7313,
Vonnic C903IP, C907IP, C909IP,
Vstarcam D26S, F6815W, F6836W, H6837WI, H6837WIP, T6835WIP, T6836W, T6836WIP, T7833WIP, T7833WIP-X3, T7838WIP,
W-Tec PT4E010S200,
wanscam AH-C2WA-B168, AJ-C0LA-B106, AJ-C0LA-B116, AJ-C0LA-B406, AJ-C0LA-B606, AJ-C0LA-C001, AJ-C0LA-C008, AJ-C0LA-C116, AJ-C0LA-C128, AJ-C0LA-C506, AJ-C0WA-B106, AJ-C0WA-B116, AJ-C0WA-B1D8-1, AJ-C0WA-B406, AJ-C0WA-B606, AJ-C0WA-C001, AJ-C0WA-C0D8, AJ-C0WA-C116, AJ-C0WA-C126, AJ-C0WA-C1D8, AJ-C0WA-C406, AJ-C0WA-C506, AJ-C2LA-C118, AJ-C2WA-B118, AJ-C2WA-C102, AJ-C2WA-C118, AJ-C2WA-C198, AJ-C2WA-D118, FR4020A2, HW0021, HW0022, HW0023, HW0024, HW0024-G, HW0025, HW0027, HW0028, HW0030, HW0031, HW0032, HW0033, HW0034, HW0035, HW0036, HW0038, HW0039, HW0041-1, HW0041-2, HW0042, HW0043, HW0045, HW0046, HW0048, HW0048-200W, HW0050, HW0051, HW0052, JW0001, JW0002, JW0003, JW0004, JW0005, JW0005-I, JW0006, JW0007, JW0008, JW0008-I, JW0009, JW0011, JW0012, JW0012-G, JW0013, JW0015, JW0016, JW0019, JW0020,
Wansview K1, K2, NC530, NC533, NC533B, NC541W, NCB540W, NCB541W, NCB543W, NCB545W, NCB546W, NCB547W, NCH530W, NCH531MW, NCH532MJW, NCH532MKW, NCH532MW, NCH532W, NCH533B, NCH535, NCH536MW, NCH537MW, NCL616W, NCM620W, NCM621KW, NCM621W, NCM622W, NCM623W, NCM624W, NCM625GA, NCM625GB, NCM625W, NCM626GB, NCM626W, NCM627, NCM751GA, NCZ550MW, NCZ550W, NCZ551MW, NCZ552MW, NCZ553MW, NCZ554MW, NCZ555MW, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q3-S, W1, W2, W3,
X10-Airsight EasyScan IP Cam, HD IP Cam, Outdoor, Outdoor WideEye, Pan Tilt, PTZ Pro Outdoor, WideEye,
Y-cam Black SD (YCB003), Bullet Black (YCBLB3), Bullet White (YCBL03), EyeBall (YCEB03), Knight S (YCK004), Knight SD (YCK003), White S (YCW004), White S POE (YCWP04), White SD (YCW003), Y-Cam Black S (YCB004),
YubiX 5MP 360 VR Camera,
ZILINK B1-EU-1080P, DH23H, DH24H, DH43-1080, DH43-960, DH43H, DH43H-1080B, DH43H-960B, DH43H-B1-S, DH43H-B9-U, DH45H, DH46H, DH47H, ZD43HF,

Many other IP cameras can work as well, because there are many similar models on market. With a simple test you can find out if your camera is supported: Type IP of your camera and the following filenames in your browser, you have to replace the ip with yours.


First link: you should see the current video image. The other links should show various camera parameters.

Please note that not all functions have to work with your IP camera.

To get access of your camera you need a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. For use outside your homenetwork, you need to make a port forwarding on your router.

If you have questions or problems, please write me an email: info@appzer.de

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