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In this age of digital technology, we believe everyone should have video surveillance. We believe in affordable video security that seamlessly integrates into your home or business, and is mindlessly easy to use. The AirSightŪ HD Megapixel IP Camera is the future of video surveillance. We've gotten rave reviews from our customers about our AirSightŪ Line of IP Cameras. Well, if you think those are great, then we can't wait for your to get your hands on the NEW AirSight HD Megapixel IP Camera. Not only have we added Pixel-Perfect HD Video, but we've also made setup so easy you will wonder why everyone else doesn't do it the X10 Way. The New AirSight HD IP Camera Technology setup feels just like magic. It will take you just about a minute to have your AirSight HD IP Camera up and running on your iPhone, iPad, Android Device or PC. It's so simple, and I promise you will love it. Will it still do everything the Original AirSightŪ can do? Of course! You will be able to be anywhere in the world and check in on your HD video feeds. Whether you're using your AirSight HD Megapixel IP Camera to watch over your car in the driveway, entrances to your home, children playing, as a baby monitor or using it to keep an eye on your business, AirSight HD IP Camera is the perfect solution. Get this, we've also included a Built-in SD Card Slot that will hold up to 32GB of Premium High Def Footage. Now you can Pan & Tilt and Record the video to your SD Card and capture all the evidence you need. HD Video Now THIS is how video surveillance was meant to be... High Definition! With Hyper-sharp HD Video Resolution 1280 x 720 (1 Megapixel Surveillance) you would be amazed what you will be able to see. Imagine catching being able to see clearly the numbers of a license plate, get a good look at who was ding-dong ditching your house last night. Until you experience HD Surveillance for yourself it's hard to put into words how much better it is True Night Vision Technology - More Powerful than Ever! Equipped with real Night Vision technology, AirSight HD Megapixel IP Camera uses 16 Infrared (IR) LED lights to function 24 hours a day in any lighting condition. In well-lit areas, it provides crisp, full color video. In darker conditions, the camera automatically enables Night Vision, adjusting so you can see in incredibly low lighting levels down to 0.5 lux (almost complete darkness). It's a steady transition from light to dark, so you never lose sight of the area you're watching. The powerful IR LED lights allow the Night Vision to work up to a distance of 18 meters (nearly 60 feet) away. That is almost twice the distance of the original AirSight! Remote Viewing & Control from any Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer in the World! No matter where you may be in the world, you want to know what's going on at home. Is your family home safe and sound? Has that package arrived? Is someone snooping around your property? Is someone breaking into your home? With AirSight HD Megapixel Camera, you will have 24-hour access to your home from anywhere! Get online from your laptop, work PC, hotel computer, iPhone, Android, tablet and more. As long as you have Internet access and the password, you can view and control your AirSight HD Camera LIVE! Plus, multiple users (friends, family members, etc.) can access the camera feed(s) from other locations. What is H.264? The AirSight HD uses RapidFrame H.264 video compression. This is a standard for video compression that allows for a better frame rate and smoother, enhanced, top quality video from your camera. H.264 is also widely used for streaming Internet video services like iTunes, YouTube and web software like Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight. With RapidFram H.264, you are going to get the smoothest, clearest picture possible! RapidScan Pan & Tilt with an EVEN GREATER Range! With new built-in, high speed, RapidScan Pan & Tilt, AirSight HD boasts an adjustable speed and our best pan & tilt range yet. The intuitive AirSight Software interface allows you to easily adjust the speed of the pan & tilt from 1 to 10. When set on 10, it is a slow, steady scan. When set on 1, it steadily moves much faster than the average person walks, so you can easily move the camera to keep up with or lead the subject. The camera pans an incredible 320 degrees horizontally, allowing you to monitor entire rooms and areas almost all the way around. It also boasts a 60-degree lens and tilts 120 degrees vertically, so you can see floor to ceiling. You can even pan & tilt diagonally to get the perfect angle. Additionally, the panning and tilting is silent. That means you can discreetly watch over people and areas without making noise. NotiFi: Motion-Activated Email/Recording Trigger AirSight HD IP Camera has a built-in alert system called NotiFi. This sophisticated system enables the IR motion detection built into the camera. You can set the alert system to instantly Email you 6-8 snapshots so you know when something is going on, send snapshots to an FTP server, record live video to the SD memory card in your camera and even sound an alarm on your computer whenever motion is detected. The motion detection sensitivity is also adjustable. This is one smart camera! Access from ANYWHERE - AirSight/AirSight Mobile Apps The AirSight Software and AirSight apps allow you to access your AirSight HD IP camera from anywhere in the world. Just get online, login securely to view and control your camera(s) with the click of your mouse. Pan, tilt, record, take snapshots, adjust motion-activated/alarm settings, adjust brightness, contrast, resolution and more. The AirSight Software allows you to view and control up to 64 cameras. Click the window of the camera you want to access to pan & tilt and control. Set cameras up all around your home and keep tabs on every inch of your property from anywhere in the world! Video Recording & Snapshots Want to capture what your camera sees? Simply click the snapshot tab to take still pictures or click the record tab to record actual video and save it to the microSD card inserted into your camera. You can use up to a 32GB SD card for hours of video and thousands of snapshots. The snapshots will save as JPEGs while the recorded video will automatically save as MPEGs.
Technical specifications HD Video 1 Megapixel, 1280 x 720 Setup Time: 1 Minute Nightvision: automatic, down to 0.5 lux, up to 10 meters Pan & Tilt: 320 degrees horizontally, 120 degrees vertically Memory Card Up to 32GB SD Card Compression: H.264, MJPEG Viewing Angle: 60 degrees 2-Way Audio: built-in speaker and microphone Motion Activation: IR motion detection Secure Encryption: WEP, WPA, WPA2 Expandable: up to 64 IP cameras Browser: IE/Firefox/Safari/Chrome & Other Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, All Android Devices, PC
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