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Manufacturers description D-LINK DCS-2100G

This description has no relation to the features of the app! Its only a copy of the manufacturers description!

The D-Link SECURICAM Network DCS-2100G Wireless Internet Camera is designed for office and home users who want a full-featured surveillance system that provides remote, high quality video and audio monitoring over the Internet. The DCS-2100G Wireless Internet Camera connects directly to a wireless 802.11g or 10/100 Ethernet broadband network to enable remote viewing and management of the camera from anywhere in the world using Internet Explorer version 6. With its own IP address and built-in web server, you can place the DCS-2100G anywhere on the network without requiring a direct connection to a PC. As you watch and listen remotely to video and sound obtained by the DCS-2100G, you can instantly take snapshots directly from the web browser. The DCS-2100G provides enhanced viewing capabilities with its ability to digitally zoom in up to 4 times on specific areas for close-ups. It can also capture video in rooms with minimal lighting, making it ideal for use at night.
Technical specifications Audio Motion Detection Zoom Infrared: Dynamic DNS FTP & Email Screenshots Video Compression MPEG4 Max Video Resolution: 640X480 Light Sensitivity: 1 Lens Type: Glass Frames Per Second: 30 Connectors: RJ-45 Access Restrictions: Yes Video Input: No Serial Ports: No Video Source: 263 Video Modulation: Image Sensor: CMOS Shutter Speed: 1/60 ~ 1/15,000 Network Type: Ethernet/Wireless Dimensions(W x D x H): 2.87x4.5x1.06 Weight: 0.54 Operating Environment: Windows
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