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Important notes Before using the camera with the app it have to be set up to JPEG mode!
Manufacturers description SONY SNC-DF40P

This description has no relation to the features of the app! Its only a copy of the manufacturers description!

The IP SONY SNC-DF40P camera is closed in dome-type housing, is compatible with MPEG-4/JPEG compression standards, and features two-directional audio streaming. Universal IP camera The SNC DF40P camera can be directly joined in a LAN, or WLAN installations, with the FE 10/100 Mbps (RJ45) connection. Its built-in web server allows the images to be viewed and controlled from a PC running a standard web browser. The camera complies 802.3 af standard, thus it can be directly powered via Ethernet transmission line. Superior Picture Quality The SNC-DF40P Series incorporates a 1/4-type Super HADTM CCD that achieves high horizontal resolution of 480 TV lines (analogue video output) and high sensitivity. The CCD imager provides a minimum illumination of 0.9 lx at F1.0, enabling capture of clear images even under low light conditions. Adjustment angles: a - 150o, b - 75o, c - 150o High Frame Rate up to 30 fps at QVGA resolution The SNC-DF40P supports both the MPEG-4 and JPEG compression formats. The camera produces images at the maximum frame rate of 30 fps when the image size is 320 x 240 in both MPEG-4 and JPEG modes, producing clear and smooth moving images. The high compression ratio of MPEG-4 provides smoothly moving images over networks even when the bandwidth is limited. If higher quality still images are preferred, then the industry standard - JPEG compression format - is selectable from the setup menu. The camera supports variable bit rates up to 2 Mb/s. Image resolution can be selected from six modes: 640 x 480, 480 x 360, 384 x 288, 320 x 240, 256 x 192, and 160 x 120. Bidirectional audio streaming - the device supports ITU-T G.711 and G.726 audio encoding standards. Thanks to its microphone input, the camera makes possible to monitor the object concerning the sound, too. The detected acoustic signal can be recognized as an alarm event. Complementary feature of audio output (compatible with active speakers) allows the operator to broadcast voice messages, warnings etc. Alarm functions - SNC-DF40P camera has implemented motion detection function and, as mentioned above, with connected microphone - acoustic signal detection. As the result of arising one of alarm events, the adequate signal is generated at camera's alarm output (low current circuit) Next alarm events can be collected via its input alarm connector (low current circuit), such as from a door sensor etc. Pre-/Post-Alarm memory enables to check the information about the moment of the specific occurrence (several to a dozen or so seconds before and after the event). The buffer capacity is defined within the menu: for MPEG-4: circa 30 second (pre - / post - 15/15 sec.); by 320x240, 25 fps and 512 kbps for JPEG: circa 10 second (pre - / post - 5/5 sec), by 320x240, 15 fps and the third level of picture quality The registered data is transmitted to FTP server, or to managing routine of Sony RealShot(TM) manager program. Still images can also be sent onto predetermined e-mail address (3 images in JPEG format). Net functions - in order to control QoS (Quality of Service) the SNC-DF40P camera employs adaptive generation of frames, interlocking the number of them generated per second with the rate of net transfer. This property prevents breaking of data flow, both video and audio streams. The appliance ensures simultaneous access for 20 users in JPEG mode, and 10 users in MPEG-4 mode. Due to multicast protocol the camera can transmit video&audio data for more numerous users in cooperation with multicast router or layer 3 switch. IP filtering gives the possibility of limiting the access to the camera. Up to 10 groups of IP addresses entitled for communication with the camera can be established. Another alternative is creating up to 4 groups of users having diversified commission. Cooperation with monitoring system - the RealShot(tm) manager program is a powerful tool supporting the project of professional center of monitoring, being friendly to the users of the system. This application ensures full control over cameras and their servers (of Sony production) The archives may be searched according to date markers, alarm events or additional comments. Intuitive interface guarantees quick access to the camera/archive thanks to possibility of using as a background a 3-D map of monitored object, helping to recognize location of each camera. For construction of widespread communication structure we propose efficient WLAN systems e.g. Tsunami MP.11a of Proxim company, a good solution being within our offer. Analogue Composite Video Output The SNC-DF Series is equipped with an analogue composite video output, allowing camera images to be directly recorded or monitored by connecting video equipment such as time-lapse recorders, hard disk recorders, and monitors.
Technical specifications Brand Sony Model Code SNC-DF40P Series SNC-DF Series Chip Inch Size 1/4 Colour Type Colour / Monochrome Resolution TVL 480 Dome Type Variable Focus Sensitivity lux 0.9 Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Digital (DSP) Yes Mount Type Ceiling, Wall Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 V DC / 24 V AC Compression JPEG, MPEG-4 Back Light Compensation Yes Auto Gain Control Yes White Balance Yes Signal Mode PAL Network Properties Image Frame Rate: 30 fps Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 8 W Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 165 x 135 x 166 Weight g: 1,500 Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -10 ~ +50 Operating Humidity %: 20 ~ 80 Model Info The camera supports audio transmission from either its own in-built microphone or an external line input, and the in-built vari-focal lens provides optimum coverage over any desired area. Smart vector motion detection provides more efficient activity detection with reduced risk of false triggers.
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