SONY SNC-RZ30N is supported by ipCam FC (iPhone/iPad App)

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Important notes Before using the camera with ipCAM FC, you have to change your cam from MPEG4 to JPEG mode!
Manufacturers description SONY SNC-RZ30N

This description has no relation to the features of the app! Its only a copy of the manufacturers description!

Our best selling network camera, the Sony SNC-RZ30N camera can be used by any popular web browser. The viewing area and PTZ movement can be controlled using a PC from any location, at anytime without additional software or plug-in. Installation and operation is easy with its browser based set-up menu and user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface). Featuring 25x optical zoom capability, the SNC-RZ30N allows the user to zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity. A high-resolution CCD imager and a newly designed image processor assures high image quality. Set frame rate as high as 30 fps for smooth-moving images. Two built-in Type II PCMCIA slots accepts certain wireless PC cards, or can be used to further expand SNC-RZ30N's memory with a flash ATA card, or an ATA HDD card to store thousands of images. This camera has a sleek, compact and lightweight design that can be ceiling mounted or placed upright on a table top. If the SNC-RZ30N camera is installed on a desktop, captured still images and composite video output images will be inverted.
Technical specifications Built-in Web Server - To be used with standard web browser 25x AF Zoom High speed, quiet pan/tilt/zoom Up to 50 User Access 10/100 Base T Ethernet Interface 736 x 480 Pixels Maximum/ up to 30 fps Supports DHCP, FTP, SNMP, and VISCA RS-232C/485 protocols Rapidly recenter and zoom image automatically Ceiling or Wall Mount options* Motion Detector with Relay Output Two Type II PCMCIA Slots SteadyshotŪ Function Day/Night View Mode
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