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The Foscam FI9804P Wireless IP Camera is Foscam's latest 1.0 Megapixel (1280 x 720p) HD Outdoor IP camera. The FI9804P improves on the FI8904W in the following respects: - Improved low light & night vision performance - Wider viewing angle with 2.8mm / 70 lens - Updated web interface with classic and new features - Enhanced MAC as well as Safari/Chrome/Firefox compatibility -Multi-device viewing compatible with all Foscam cameras - Free bounded DDNS service via The FI9804P features HD quality 1.0 megapixel (1280 x 720) video resolution as well as a high performance media processor, single SOC chip (built-in ARM+DSP) and high speed video protocol processor. As a result, it is capable of H.264 video compression allowing for extremely smooth video transmission with minimal bandwidth consumption. In addition, due to the small file sizes produced by H.264 video compression it has the ability to save tremendous hard drive space when doing manual video recording. The Foscam FI9804P features 720p HD quality video, H.264 video compression, Wireless-N capability, remote internet viewing, motion detection, and night vision. In addition, it is smartphone compatible (Iphone, Android & Blackberry) as well as viewable over the internet network using the standard web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The camera functions well as part of a home or office security system with remote internet monitoring ability
Technical specifications Fixed 720p HD Video Quality Megapixel Wireless IP camera. Includes Lifetime Telephone, Email & Remote Desktop Support by Foscam Digital Tech. H.264 compression for smoother video feed, smaller file sizes. Includes Foscam Cloud Free Trial for Cloud Video Storage & Playback. 12 IR LEDs for night vision up to 20 meters. 1 Year US Warranty Provided Exclusively by Foscam Digital Tech. Fitted with a 2.8 mm lens for a 70 degree viewing angle 1280 x 720 Resolution
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