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Manufacturers description Apexis APM-H0410

This description has no relation to the features of the app! Its only a copy of the manufacturers description!

APM-H0410 Speed ??Dome,Network Speed ??Dome,IP Speed ??Dome Features > Supports 640x480 high-definition video coding, accurate progressive scanning for real time,compatibility QVGA format; > Support 10x optical Zoom and the IR-cut automatic switch at any time of day and night; > Adopt the latest third generation high efficiency with the lattice lights and the infrared image brightness uniformity and bright; > Horizonal:355°? Vertical:90°; > Adopt to customizable cruise and preset cruise; > Adopt the Precision Electronic Machine,High-speed rotation and the images are smooth,precision positioning via preset position; > Accord with waterproof grade IP66,using alloy enclosure for ball machine; > Adopt the high-performance,this is a powerful of programmable media,processors stable and reliable; > Extremely low power consumption; > Built-in support Web Server,allow remote view ? record ? setting from anywhere anytime via IE browser; > Support upgrade via remote; > Support DDNS,PPPoE,local network,Extranel transfer; > Free P2P connected for remote viewing.
Technical specifications Product Model APM-H0410 Camera Lens 10x optical zoom Focal length 3.8mm?38.0mm Day ? night Built-in IR-cut Illumination Color?0.01LUX B/W: 0LUXwhen IR on HLC support S/N Ratio ?60dB Focus Auto IR LED Use multi-angle integration array LED,LED array infrared source,night view vary from 5m to 50m IR Function IR-cut filter day/night:Auto switch,Ganged awitch Video Parameter Effective Pixels 640 x 480(VGA), 320 x 240(QVGA) Bit Rate 1?2M Mirror Vertical/Horizonal Image H.264 Frame Rate 15fps(VGA),30fps(QVGA) Function Pan Range/Speed 360°Continuously/ 0.01°?120°/s Tilt Range/Speed 90°180°automaticflip/0°?60°/s Preset Positions 128?Preset position accuracy 0.025? Patrol 4 Patrol,each patrol has 16 preset positions Pattern 4 Pattern Power Off Support Protection Level IP65 Network Web Interface 10Base-T/100Base-TX RJ45 Interface Protocol TCP/IP, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP, DDNS, UPNP, PPPoE, FTP, DNS Mobile View Support mobile phone login from user interface via browser Browser Support IE,Safari,Firefox,Google or any other standard PC System Requirement CPU 2.0GHz or above (suggested 3.0GHz) Memory Size 256MB or above(suggested 1.0GHz) Display Card 64M or above Supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/7,Vista Other Power Supply DC 15V?4A?(Power supply and device should be near 2m) Power ?40W Operating Temperature ?25°C?65°C ?Adapt to plateau enviroment? Humidity 10?90% Dimensions (D)223.5 *(H)277.5 (mm) Weight 5.8Kg?with bracket?
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