ipCam FC iPhone App

ipCam FC / 7Links ipCam Remote AirPlay support with youir IP camera

To use the AirPlay functionality with the app and your IP camera, you need an AirPlay compatible device in the same wireless network as your iPhone or iPad or an appropriate VGA or Digital AV Adapter (HDMI).

Screenshot ipCam FC iPhone App 1 take look in the app settings, whether the AirPlay functionality is turned on, by default it is enabled
Screenshot ipCam FC iPhone App 3 Double-press the home button of your device. The Quick Start menu appears as seen in the picture. Then scroll to the left to the volume control. Is a compatible AirPlay device in range (WLAN), the AirPlay button is displayed.
Screenshot ipCam FC iPhone App 4 After pressing the button, a menu with all available AirPlay devices appears. Enter the desired device and activate the screen synchronization.
Screenshot ipCam FC iPhone App 5 If the devices are connected, the AirPlay icon appears after about 5 seconds.
Screenshot ipCam FC iPhone App 6 Press the AirPlay icon - the current IP camera videostream is shown on your monitor or TV.

The same function is achieved with a compatible VGA or Digital AV (HDMI) adapter.