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Hersteller Beschreibung SONY SNC-RZ25P

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As a follow-up to its successful SNC-RZ30N pan-tilt-zoom camera, the SNC-RZ25 offers the option of MPEG-4 compression in addition to JPEG to optimize bandwidth resources. The MPEG-4 option will make this camera a viable solution for an even broader base of academic, corporate and institutional environments who want to utilize their existing IP networks. The SNC-RZ25 also offers an optimized level of sensitivity, further enabled by the new "Day/Night" function. During daylight hours, the camera acquires images in color. As the surveillance scene darkens, the infrared cut-filter is automatically replaced with a clear filter and switches to black-and-white. Users will also benefit from exceptional picture quality through Sony Exwave HAD technology, audio monitoring capabilities, and a slot for Compact Flash or wireless networking capabilities.
Technische Daten Built-in Web Server - View and control using standard web browsers Utilizes the latest high resolution - " type ExwaveHAD CCD High sensitivity - 0.7 lux color, 0.1 lux b/w (AGC on, F1.4, 50 IRE) Built-in 18X optical auto-focus zoom lens Adaptive rate control feature prevents audio / video breakup due to network Analog video output - over 470 TV lines Bi-directional audio transmission, with external microphone input Compact flash slot for additional memory or wireless 802.11b via SNCA-CFW1 option MPEG-4 and JPEG Compression Formats, selectable High frame rate: 30fps(QVGA), 15 fps(VGA) Supports TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, NTP and SNMP (MIB2)
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