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1.3 Megapixel HR sensor ONVIF standard supported to simplify system integration POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) support: POE01, POE03 & POE04 ETS (Event Trigger System): image quality adjustment based on motion trigger external alarm I/O device connection video storage: microSD card slot (up to 64GB) remote surveillance: full compatibility with iPhone & iPad, and Internet Explorer® on Windows® operating system medium compatibility on Android mobile phones; and Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari internet browsers easy network setup with your iPhone or iPad automatic integrated Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS): free service compatible with Network Video Recorder: NVR3, NVR4 & NVR5 compatible with: CAMIP9, CAMIP11, CAMIP13, CAMIP14, CAMIP16, CAMIP17, CAMIP18, CAMIP19 & CAMIP20 (same software and operation modes) compatible with powerline adapter: EM8017, EM8024, EM8025, EM8026 Note: this product requires a minimum of network installation knowledge
Technische Daten pick-up element: Sony CMOS sensor image size: 1/3" number of pixels: 1.3 Megapixel min. illumination: 0.1 lux / F1.5, 0 lux (IR LED ON) white balance: ATW AGC: automatic IRIS mode: AES lens: f3.8mm / F1.5 lens angle: 80.4° IR LEDs: 12 PIR sensor: detection range 76° wide angle with up to 6 m long distance at 2 m height network interface: Ethernet 10/100BASE-T POE: IEEE 802.3af multiple video streaming: 3 (H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG) frame rate: 25 image quality setting: SXGA: 1280 x 1024 SXVGA: 1280 x 960 720P: 1280 x 720 VGA: 640 x 480 QVGA: 320 x 240 supported protocols: DDNS, PPPoE, DHCP, NTP, SNTP, TCP/IP, ICMP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, IPv4, Bonjour, UPnP, DNS, UDP, IGMP, QoS event notification: FTP / E-mail mobile surveillance: smartphones: remote login via EagleEyes software on all major smartphone platforms (iPad, iPhone and Android) computer: video viewer software on Windows and Mac web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari via Java, QuickTime or VLC plug-in backup: remote via smartphone memory storage: SD-card external alarm I/O: yes microphone: yes audio I/O: 1 input / 1 output hardware requirements: Intel core i3 or higher, or equivalent AMD Windows® 7, Vista & XP, DirectX 9.0 or later AGP graphics card, Direct Draw, 32 MB RAM RAM 2 GB or higher free network port Internet Explorer 7.x or higher operating temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C power supply: 12 Vdc / 1 A (incl.) dimensions: Ø 130 x 91 mm weight: 390 g power consumption: 5,87W (PoE), 4,99W (DC adapter)
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