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We have entered an age where video surveillance is affordable and easy enough for anyone to have. When it comes to surveillance, we believe in creating the best experience possible for home and business owners. We are proud to introduce the new AirSightŪ WideEye, a revolutionary wireless IP camera with an extra wide lens for more a wider viewing range. Whether you're using video surveillance to watch over your car in the driveway, entrances to your home, entire rooms or expansive areas children playing, as a baby monitor or using it to keep an eye on your business, the AirSight WideEye is the perfect solution.
Technische Daten Nightvision: automatic, down to 0.5 lux, up to 10 meters Pan & Tilt: 270 degrees horizontally, 120 degrees vertically Viewing Angle: 90 degrees (Diag.) 2-Way Audio: built-in speaker and microphone Motion Activation: IR motion detection Secure Encryption: WEP, WPA, WPA2 Expandable: up to nine IP cameras Browser: IE6.0/7.0/8.0/Firefox/Safari/Google chrome or other standard browsers
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