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Hersteller Beschreibung Vivotek PT8133

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The Vivotek PT8133 is a Pan / Tilt network camera capable of recording in 1280 x 800 megapixel resolution at up to 30 frames per second. The Vivotek PT8133 pan tilt IP camera utilizes the H.264 video compression format, which drastically reduces file size and helps to maintain higher bandwidth speeds. This camera features a 350 Pan and a 125 tilt, enabling the user to have more control over the monitored area. To automate the process this camera features up to 20 preset positions as well as auto pan and patrol modes. The Vivotek-PT8133 can be powered by standard 12V-DC or POE 802.3af. This camera can be accessed remotely by web browser or 3GPP mobile devices, allowing the user to maintain a visual of the secured area 24 hours a day. The Vivotek-PT8133 features a built-in microphone in addition to an audio input and output. It includes a 32 channel central management software and is compatible with NUUO IP Camera Software. The Vivotek-PT8133 is perfect for indoor environments that require a Pan / Tilt camera.
Technische Daten 1280 x 800 resolution Up to 30FPS 3.6mm Fixed Lens 1 Megapixel CMOS image sensor Built-in microphone Up to 20 preset positions Compatible with NUUO IP Software POE 802.3af compliant 0.3 Lux rating 350 Pan / 125 Tilt 12V-DC Powered Remote accessible by web browser or 3GPP mobile devices H.264, MJPEG and MPEG4 video compression Simultaneous video streams Includes Vivotek 32ch Central Management Software ONVIF support
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