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HD 720P high resolution Partner this adorable camera with your little angel. Check in on your baby either on your computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere and capture the babyís cutest face ever with 720P HD pictures. Motion & Sound Detection coupled with real-time alerts Motion and Sound Detection makes it an effortless task for you to keep an eye on your beloved baby even when you are away from home. Real-time alerts will be directly sent to your mobile device if something is up to give you round-the-clock peace of mind. EZLink, the easiest way to set up your IP camera Set up your camera in just 3 steps with EZLink feature: scan the QR code, reset camera password and enter WiFi password. Itís done! Youíre ready to stream and view anywhere, anytime! Temperature detection creates a natural cradle for sound sleep Temperature detection helps you keep track of the external temperature and receive alerts if the temperature limit is exceeded, so that you can set a comfortable range for babyís sound sleep. Enjoy close interaction with your family anywhere with two-way audio Build-in speaker and mic allows you remotely to communicate with your loved ones, pets and elderly family members. Watch, hear and respond effectively to keep them around.
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