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Live Streaming Video Edimax IC-3010 is a Fast Ethernet network camera tailored to stream live video over your network. Video can be viewed anywhere from your local computers and even over the Internet. This camera also comes with a free software that allows you to view up 16 camera images simultaneously. Supports M-JPEG and MPEG4 (Dual-Mode) IC-3010 supports dual-mode video compression. You can choose M-JPEG mode or MPEG4 mode according to your network settings in order to achieve the highest video quality. Supports Multi-Areas Motion Detection and Triggered Event The IC-3010 forms a powerful mobile surveillance system. With the intelligent multi-area motion detection function, it helps monitoring your home, pets or business effectively. You can pre-determine 3 areas on your streaming video for motion detection. Whenever motion is being detected in these areas, the camera takes a snapshot automatically and the picture of the events can be sent to email or ftp server. Supports Video Conference With the built-in microphone and audio output for connecting to external speaker*, IC-3010 can support 2-way audio* allowing you to remotely talk to anyone at the camera site. This is also an ideal solution for video conference. Records Video Clips You can record the video clips manually or based on a predetermine schedule so that you can replay the video in your convenience. Dual-Mode Mega Pixel IP Camera Views real time Motion_JPEG or MPEG4 video via Internet Explorer Supports multi-area motion detection and snapshots Supports 2-way audio Includes easy-to-use Viewer & Recorder utility to view 16 cameras simultaneously Supports DDNS and UPnP functions
Technische Daten INTERFACE / STANDARDS MANAGEMENT POWER ADAPTER Fast Ethernet IEEE802.3, 802.3u Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g 1 Ethernet ( RJ-45) Port 1 Power Jack 1 Audio output port 1 Microphone 1 Reset Button 1 External Detachable Antenna (IC-3010Wg) Provides Admin Utility, Camera Viewer & Web browser management Firmware upgradeable DC 12V, 1A VIDEO / AUDIO CAMERA LED 2-Way Audio input / output Dual Mode : MPEG 4 and Motion-JPEG Image Video Recording format Video (AVI) Snapshot format Picture (JPEG) 1.3M Pixels CMOS Sensor Manual Focus, F= 2.8 4 MB Flash 32 MB SDRAM View Angle :40 LAN WLAN (IC-3010Wg) Power FUNCTIONS DIMENSION & TEMPERATURE CERTIFICATIONS View multiple cameras simultaneously - Up to 16 cameras within the local network or anywhere in the world via the Internet Supports one administrator account and four user accounts Sending snapshot to email and ftp server on a predetermined schedule Provides manual focus lens Supports login free Records video clips manually or on a predetermined schedule Supports video playback 114 X 79 X 50 mm 0~45 ? CE, FCC SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS HUMIDITY Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista Internet Explorer 6.x and above xDSL broadband router 10-90% (Non-condensing)
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