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Hersteller Beschreibung ELRO C703IP

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* Connect the camera on computer network * WiFi (wireless) or LAN (wired) connection * Plug Play: IP address automatically gets from your network * Access direct from any web browser on any operating system * Access from all smart phones (app available) * Support up to 9 users online simultaneously * 2-way audio function: built-in microphone and audio output * Input and output alarm connections * Motion detection or manual storage * Alarm signal or send e-mail after detection * ZERO interference digital signal
Technische Daten Wireless / wired : Both Wireless digital / analog : Digital Camera sensor : CMOS Resolution (pixels x pixels) : 320x240(QVGA), 640x480 (VGA) : f:6mm, F:2,0 Light Sensitivity (Lux) : 0,5Lux Nightvision LEDs : 10 Video format : MJPEG Adjustable frame rate : 30pps@QVGA, 15pps@VGA Power supply : 230VCA/5VCC, 2.0A Power usage : <5W Operating temperature ( C) : -10 ~ + 40
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