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The Dericam M801W (IR-cut) is an integrated wireless IP Camera solution with optical Zoom (Pan:300 Tilt:80 3X Optical Zoom). It combines a high quality digital video camera with network connectivity and a powerful web server, bringing clear video to your desktop from anywhere on your local network or via the Internet. The basic function of the M801W is the transmitting of remote video across the IP network. The high-quality video image can be transmitted across the LAN/WAN at a speed of 30fps using MJPEG hardware compression technology. The image resolution is 640 x 480 (300k Pixels). The Dericam M801W camera is based on the TCP/IP standard. It contains a WEB server which supports Internet Explorer. As a result, the management and maintenance of your device is made simple through the use of a network to enable remote configuration, start-up and the upgrading of firmware. The Dericam M801W can be used to monitor important areas such as your home and your office. The Dericam M801W can easily be controlled, and its images managed, across the network.
Technische Daten Boxed Wireless IP Camera - Wi-Fi Antenna - DC Power Supply - User Manual - CD, Include Wireless IP Camera Driver, IP camera tool - Network Cable - Mounting bracket Shipping within 24 hours Dimensions 130 x 100 x 100 mm Indoor / Outdoor Indoor Wifi Yes Megapixel No Day-Night (infrared) Yes POE support No Pan - Tilt Yes Optical zoom Yes #X -optical zoom 3x Compression MJPEG Audio 2 way audio Lens 4.0~9.0mm Horiz.-angle 80 IR-cut Yes Compatible with NAS Seenergy, Synology (Foscam settings), Qnap
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